7 Ways to make your makeup last

Today’s blog is all about ways to make your makeup last. We have gathered some ideas that will make your makeup last, especially if you have oily skin. Let’s start.

Always prime your clean skin.

If you have an oily complexion, primer will help everything stay put longer. You should prime the oiliest part of your face – your forehead, nose and chin. Look for oil-free primer. Of course out it on before your foundation.

Prep your eyes.

Doing so will prevent creasing. Avoid priming your peepers with concealer though. Instead, use primer specifically for eyelids. This will create a smooth canvas for your eye makeup.

Never, never overdo powder.

Piling up face powder is a big no-no. Overdoing your powder could backfire by making your pores push out more oil. Put powder on the areas of your face which is shiniest. However, if you think you need more powder, dampen a sponge and blot if over your face.

Blotting papers should always be on-hand.

Yes! Blotting papers can save you from looking super oily. This will lift the oil from your skin without taking off your make-up. Lightly press it onto your face rather rub it.

Go oil-free.

Since you are already naturally oily, invest in oil-free, non-comedogenic products. For your cleansers, try to look for oil-free facial cleansers with salicylic acid.

Long-wear makeup.

From the word itself “long-wear’ make-ups will stay for hours. Opt for waterproof or water-resistant products.

Use argan oil.

Argan oil has so many benefits. Applying it on your face every day before going to sleep will prep your face for your make-up the next day.

Reduce excess oil.

Do reduce excess oil on your face use a treatment mask once or twice a week. There are numerous masks available on the market right now. Try using masks with kaolin or bentonite clay. The following ingredients are best for oily skin. They absorb oil and facial impurities while calming any skin irritation or redness. Apply an ample amount on your face using clean fingers. Leave it on for about 15 minutes; rinse off with warm water and voila an immediate matte face.

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