bliss Multi-‘Face’-eted All-In-One Anti-Aging Clay Mask

bliss Multi-‘Face’-eted All-In-One Anti-Aging Clay Mask, 2.3 oz. is a distinctive, face-friendly, and flexible spa-powered clay treatment mask. It can help correct six of the most common visible signs of aging including dark spots, dryness, dullness, visible pores, rough texture, and fine lines and wrinkles. Its key ingredients are 10% Glycolic Acid that helps to dissolve dead skin cells, clear blocked pores, increases cell turnover to minimize visible lines and signs of premature aging, and reduces the visible appearance of pores; Quartz which are pulverized, micro-fine quartz powder that gently exfoliates dead skin cells to soften and smooth skin texture; Kaolin an effective cleansing mud that removes skin impurities and toxins like oil, dirt, debris, and pollutants to unclog and diminish the visible size of pores; and Carbon which is a natural purifier that absorbs impurities and helps to eliminate excess oil and pollutants from pores.

bliss Multi-‘Face’-eted All-In-One Anti-Aging Clay Mask, 2.3 oz. helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even skin’s tone and texture, brighten dull-looking skin, reduce uneven pigmentation, purge impurities, and minimize visible pore size in as little as five minutes.

bliss Multi-'Face'-eted All-In-One Anti-Aging Clay Mask
Listed Price: $50.00

Multi-‘face’-ted all-in-one anti-aging clay mask: in as few as five minutes, it helps shrink the look of pores, purges impurities, and evens skin’s tone and texture, all while reducing the appearance …Read more…
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