Greensentials Household Purpose Essential Eucalyptus

Another decent product to try when you are looking to get the chemicals out of your household products.

NO HARSH CHEMICALS OR FUMES – After the first spray you will notice the absolutely refreshing smell of Eucalyptus and Lemon. Feel the security knowing that no harsh chemicals will be exposed to you and your family with Greensentials All Purpose cleaner.

CONTAINS ZERO – Sulfates, Ammonia, Dyes, or Toxic ingredients. Maintain a superb streak free clean in your kitchen, bathroom, and entire household, safely.

PLANT & ESSENTIAL OIL BASED – Greensentials uses naturally derived plant based ingredients along with the power of essential oils to deliver a 1-2 punch against life’s everyday messes. The perfect household cleaner for every job.

WORKS ON ALMOST ANYTHING – All Natural Formula effectively cleans a limitless amount of messes including food, grease, oil, soda, juice, pet accidents, fingerprints, footprints, tree sap, grime, adhesives, soap scum, dirt, spills, streaks, residues, and more. A simple greener method.


Sale Price: $14.95

Greensentials All Purpose Household Cleaner. THE NATURAL alternative to chemical based cleaners. Are you tired of:- Chemical Based Toxic Products? – Horrible Smelling Sprays? – Exposing your child, f…Read more…
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