7 Ways to Make Makeup Last
We have gathered some concepts that will make your makeup last, specifically if you have oily skin. In todays post well share 7 methods to make your makeup last.

Piling up face powder is a huge no-no. Put powder on the areas of your face which is shiniest. If you believe you need more powder, dampen a sponge and blot if over your face.
Do reduce excess oil on your face use a treatment mask when or twice a week. Use an ample quantity on your face utilizing clean fingers.

Given that you are already naturally oily, buy oil-free, non-comedogenic items. For your cleansers, attempt to try to find oil-free facial cleansers with salicylic acid.
Long-wear makeup.
From the word itself “long-wear cosmetics will stay for hours. Choose for waterproof or waterproof products.
Usage argan oil.
Argan oil has many advantages. Using it on your face every day before going to sleep will prep your face for your makeup the next day.
Decrease excess oil.
Do decrease excess oil on your face utilize a treatment mask once or two times a week. Use an ample amount on your face using clean fingers. Leave it on for about 15 minutes; rinse off with warm water and voila an immediate matte face.
and a little off subject … At the end of the day make certain youre kind to your skin by eliminating all that makeup with a gentle cleaner! You might like to read our article on Face Wipes here.

Even if you are a natural charm, the majority of women boost their appearances with a touch of makeup. If Im going to put in the time to put some on, I actually desire it to last! So here are 7 methods to make makeup last.
Always prime your clean skin.
If you have an oily skin, guide will help whatever stay put longer. You should prime the oiliest part of your face– your chin, forehead and nose.
Prep your eyes.
Instead, utilize guide specifically for eyelids. This will produce a smooth canvas for your eye makeup.
Never, never overdo powder.
Stacking up face powder is a huge no-no. Overdoing your powder could backfire by making your pores push out more oil. Put powder on the locations of your face which is shiniest. Nevertheless, if you think you need more powder, dampen a sponge and blot if over your face.
Blotting documents must constantly be on-hand.
This will raise the oil from your skin without taking off your cosmetics. Gently press it onto your face rather rub it.

Go oil-free.

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