Body Building and Your DNA

Does your DNA play a role in determining your success as a bodybuilder? 

Body Building and Your DNA

Does Ethnicity or Race Affect Your Success in Regards to Body Building?

The plain answer to this question is no.  When it comes to body building hard work, not genetics, is the key to success. Ethnicity and race have zero impact on your ability to achieve specific goals and milestones that you set for yourself.

So does your DNA play any role in body building?

Yes, to a certain degree.  Since the potential of muscle growth depends on your height and bone size, your DNA does come into play. In certain instances this can give you an edge over other body builders.

Bodybuilding earlier in life is becoming quit common. If you are a young adult, make sure you make an extra effort to practice proper form.  This is especially important because physically, your bones and muscle are not mature yet. Plus, proper form is the best way to prevent injury. Also keep in mind that most references regarding height and muscle growth are written with adult body builders in mind.

What does bone size have to do with muscle mass?

According to scientific studies, taller individuals with bigger bones tend to develop a higher volume of muscle than shorter people with smaller bone structure. For example, if you’re a large boned individual you will probably gain more muscle mass than an individual who is five inches shorter or has a smaller sized wrist size.

Regardless, our muscles can only grow to a specific point.  This is true even if you use supplements and hormonal agents.

After a specific point your muscles stop achieving mass.  When this occurs you need to be very dedicated to developing that particular muscle group. Be sure to keep your expectations reasonable!

What other DNA-related factor affects muscle gains?

Our DNA influences every aspect of our existence.  From the color of our hair, color of our skin and right down to the number of muscle cells we have.

Experts have confirmed that actual muscle cell count varies from person to person. This means that genetically-gifted individuals have much larger muscles because they have more muscle cells to develop in the first place!

The point is, some people literally just “have it” because their genes are formed in a particular manner.

But wait… There is hope! Around the same time that this information was published, it was also discovered that while we start off with an average muscle cell count, muscle cells can divide and multiply depending on a person’s regular physical requirements.

So if you’re working out daily and you’re providing your body with the protein, amino acids and other nutrients it needs to build more muscle tissue, the DNA factor becomes a minor problem. It may take longer for you to achieve the symmetry and size of genetically-gifted peers but you will get there, eventually!

What role does the male hormone play in the scheme of things?

The male hormone testosterone also plays a very crucial role in determining the success of bodybuilders. Testosterone influences the physiological growth of the body. Some male bodybuilders produce high levels of testosterone naturally.  These guys don’t just develop quickly with rigorous training – they are also naturally more driven and aggressive when it comes to lifting weights!

Testosterone doesn’t just help you develop mean muscles, it also affects your personality and attitude.

Generally speaking, a person with more testosterone has a much higher tendency to be aggressive when he undertakes different activities, including sports and excersise.

Females also produce testosterone but on a much lower scale compared to males. If a female produces more testosterone than what her body naturally needs, it’s possible for a woman to develop male features such as body hair, increased axillary hair and even a deeper voice.

Female athletes who experiment with androgenic substances and synthetic male hormones tend to develop severe health issues later in life. This is due to the fact their bodies tend to react negatively to the presence of excess male hormone.

Are synthetic male hormones ever a good idea?

The safety of self-administering synthetic male hormone remains widely debated across the world. It’s no secret that professional bodybuilders use testosterone and human growth hormones to enhance their body’s natural ability to grow.

Our recommendation would be to consult with your physician before even thinking about using anabolic steroids and hormones. This is your body and life on the line! It’s never a good idea to base your decisions on hearsay and what other people are doing.

If your organs become damaged as a result of your “chemical experiments”, you won’t be able to pursue your bodybuilding dreams at all.

Bottom line, stay safe and try to keep your system clean of weird supplements and unregulated chemicals!

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