Can Nootropics Make You Smarter?

When it comes to changing your state of mind in order to change your life, you probably consider things like ‘the gratitude attitude’ or perhaps meditation. However what if you could just snap your fingers and totally alter the way that your brain works?


You’re most likely of mindfulness and of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).  But, what if you could go to bed at night and wake up in the morning more clever and smarter? Wouldn’t that be the ideal?

This is exactly what we see in the film Limitless. The main character Eddie Mora takes a single tablet and all of a sudden gains access to the latent power of his brain. He becomes wittier, more innovative, smarter, and more lovely. In no time at all he runs for political office, becomes a best selling author and makes a a killing on the stock market.

Science calls this ‘nootropic’ and the shocking part is that they’re genuine …

What Are Nootropics?

Naturally, the reality is nothing like the films. There is no tablet that can make you smarter. But some supplements and drugs companies claim their products can increase your memory, boost your motivation and increase your memory.

Also known as cognitive enhancers or smart drugs, Nootropics help to enhance cognitive function. Especially pertinent is the enhancement of executive functions, memory, creativity, and motivation.

They operate in a variety of ways and they take numerous types. For example, Modafinil, one of the most commonly used nootropic, is used to treat narcolepsy. Yet, because it also allows you to work longer and need less sleep, Modafinil is also used by top CEO’s and even fighter pilots!  The drug works by impacting a neurochemical called orexin, which controls our sleep wake cycle.

Other nootropics may work by kicking our fight or flight response into high gear by the use of adrenaline or dopamine. Some simply help you to feel less tired because they give the brain a bit of an energy boost. Finally, others appear to enhance brain plasticity to increase your ability to learn.

So Do Nootropics Really Work?

The answer is easy: it depends!  Some nootropics work well and truly can provide you an increase in focus. Others don’t give any significant results. Others still may in fact be bad for you and trigger headaches or perhaps addiction!

In my opinion, anytime you consider taking a drug or supplement, I believe it’s worth it to do some research first. And if there is a natural option, I tend to opt for that. But that’s me, I just don’t like putting any kind of chemical on my skin or in my body.  I am however, a huge fan of high quality essential oils. I wrote an article Hazardous Chemicals in Our Everyday Life.  If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to go do so now. It’s important stuff to be aware of.

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