Are Face Wipes Safe? Say No to Makeup Remover Wipes!

Most of us think that makeup wipes are convenient. I know I am guilty. But did you know that makeup remover wipes can actually irritate your eyes and hurt your skin over time?

Are Face Wipes Safe? Say No to Makeup Remover Wipes!

Makeup remover wipes can cause irritation due to the fact that most people don’t take the time to rinse away the active cleansing ingredients.  The long term effect is dry and irritated skin especially for people who have super sensitive skin. In addition to this, makeup wipes contains alcohol which can be stinging.

Why not go natural instead? Remove your makeup and refresh your skin without the use of unforgiving chemicals.

4 DIY All Natural Products to Replace Makeup Remover Wipes


Using cleansers with chemicals strip the skin of its natural oils, causing dryness. Most of the products we see on the market claim to be “oil-free” but this can actually be very bad for your skin and lead to premature aging. Argan oil is what keeps our skin youthful-looking, supple, and smooth. By opting for oils as your natural makeup remover, you will be able to cleanse your skin without over-drying it. For more ways to use argan oil on your face read this article

  1. MILK

Milks is great for the skin and you know that. Hundreds of years ago, milk baths were a popular regimen for royal women. Milk’s fat and proteins (especially whole milk) hydrate and allow for your skin to keep its moisture. Using milk to remove your makeup is both simple and cheap compared to buying drug-store removers. All you have to do is take about a tablespoon of almond oil and add it to a bowl of whole milk and rub it all over your face with a wash cloth or cotton ball and voila no more makeup.


Cucumbers does not only remove puffiness in the eye area but can also be used to remove makeup. What’s more cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties which can help soothe irritated skin or acne-prone skin. To create a cucumber paste, take one cucumber and blend it. You can also add milk or olive oil into the mixture to remove tough makeup.


Yogurt moisturizes the skin, relive sunburns and yes, remove makeup. Simply take a clean cotton, dip it into some plain yogurt, gently rub over your face in a circular motion, and then rinse off with cool water.

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