Unknown Credit Card Charge

Do You Have an Unknown $39.00 Credit Card Charge?

If you do, I’m so sorry you are going through this, but it’s not my company that charged you. Yes, this website belongs to me, but any charges would be listed under 4 Winds of Change, which is the name of my LLC.

This has happened frequently in the last few months so I felt it important to include some pertinent information here.

If you take a look at your bank statement and see see that the phone number associated with the charge is (877) 780-5177, the information I have discovered for others should also help you. Here goes…

  • The website that contains that phone number is http://myhealthandfitnessmd.com
  • Their support email support@atmyhealthandfitnessMD.com

Additionally, I found these two sections under their terms of use:


Membership includes full access to the Site, including information from our Health and Fitness Specialist, personalized health coaching; and self-care information for health conditions from A-Z. Full membership and access to the Site and all Content is available to you as a subscriber for a cost of only $19.95 for the first two months, and then $39.90 every two months after. You may cancel at any time. The subscription cost of $39.90 will be automatically charged to your credit card every other month for your convenience unless you cancel by simply calling toll-free 1-877-780-5177 or emailing us at : support@MyHealthandFitnessMD.com. Promotional offers may vary. You may not redeem more than one promotional offer. We may, in our sole discretion, amend the monthly subscription fee at any time and such change will be effective immediately; provided, however, that if we increase the monthly subscription fee, all existing subscribers will receive prior electronic notification and will be given the opportunity to electronically accept such newly established subscription amount for continued access to the Site, services and Content. Failure to electronically accept the increased subscription fee may, in our sole discretion, result in the discontinuation of your access to the Site and the Content.


Upon request, we will refund in full any purchase made within the previous 90 days. For information related to your account or any refunds, simply call : 1-877-780-5177 between 10:00am – 8:00pm Eastern, Monday through Friday.

Are You Being Scammed?

I can usually tell a scam site vs a legitimate business by looking at their website.  Myhealthandfitnessmd.com has some key things in place:

  • they have all the appropriate legal pages,
  • company address and contact info is readily available,
  • plus, they make it easy to cancel their membership.

The fact that they are so transparent usually indicates that they are not a scam site.

One More Very Important Thing

When others have took a closer look at their statements they discovered that the charges had been going on for a while before they realized it.  You may want to verify past statements before calling their customer service.

I hope this helps!

Warmest regards,

~ Cheryl

Cheryl T Campbell
4winds of Change,LLC